Trackpad++ Driver and Trackpad++ Control Module - Installation Instructions for Windows® 7 and Windows® 8.1

NOTICE: step 1 is mandatory for Windows® 7 / 8.1 64-bit (but optional for 32-bit)

1. The prerequisite step: install the Power Plan Assistant. (If it's already installed, you can, of course, skip this step). The
Power Plan Assistant is required, because during its setup it will allow you to override the Microsoft®'s crazy digital signature
enforcement policy specific to x64 only. Basically, the 32-bit version of Windows® 7 / 8 has "normal" rules, but 64-bit version
requires that every module which communicates with hardware shall be approved by Microsoft®, and the developer must pay
big money on a yearly basis to achieve this. For driver project of the non-commercial nature, it's a killer! Fortunately, the policy
still can be changed to match the policy of the 32-bit version of Windows® 7 / 8. This does NOT affect system security, because
you will still be getting a warning window with the red header everytime you try to install the driver not approved by Microsoft®.
Please note, this is the mandatory step! If Power Plan Assistant has not been installed, Trackpad++ driver installation will fail.

2. Launch the Trackpad++ Installer (it's a combined 32-bit / 64-bit package) and follow the simple on-screen instructions.
Both the Trackpad++ driver and Control Module will be installed with it, then your computer will be restarted automatically.
Therefore, it is recommended to close the running programs, if there are any, pause the downloads, etc., before you start.
During setup, a window with red header may appear, this is normal. In this window click 'Install this driver software anyway'.
Notice: if you are upgrading from earlier version, please, close the Trackpad++ Control Module before starting the installer!
To do so, right click the Trackpad++ notification area icon (i.e., ‘++’ ), select ‘Exit’, confirm, and proceed with the installation.


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